Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Return of the Dead

Well, Waking the Dead anyway.
My favourite cop show is coming back to Sunday nights. Why do I like it?
Well the plot is always unfathomable which holds the interest - you feel that if you miss the slightest millisecond, a vital clue may have passed you by. They are intelligently written - being a good blend of 'not quite believable' but escapist, out of comfort zone storylines.
It is an ensemble piece too, the drama comes from the interplay of the tight-nit team headed by Boyd (Trevor Eve). He is a troubled man, as cops usually are. His team take the full brunt of his anger and frustration, because, unusually for police drama, he has no boss! Well, not that we have ever seen so far.
The cases seem to arrive out of thin air - no one asks the team to investigate, and he doesn't have to explain his actions or lack of success to anyone. This is the beauty of cold cases I suppose: it doesn't matter how long you take to solve them. Who mentioned the budget?
The team all bring their special strengths and the forensic side is an integral part of the investigation, rather than being out in a lab miles from anywhere.
Finally I must mention the glass - why do they always write on glass? No whiteboards or cork panels here - they write in chinagraph on transparent panels. Does this help them to see through the minefield of facts and get to the villian, staring them in the face all along?
I don't really care - I'll be glued to the series as usual.

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