Sunday, January 15, 2006

New bed from NASA

Do NASA do beds? Apparently they do, as astronauts have to catch zeds like the rest of us earth-bound mortals. When we went looking for a new bed at the weekend, little did we know that Space technology had found its way into the bedroom. Actually I told a small lie here, it isn't a space bed - now that would be cool, but a high viscosity (memory foam) mattress.

That's right, instead of a stitched fabric containing springs, there is an enormous slab of foam, which deforms to support your body perfectly, and returns to shape when you get out, or move. It feels weird when you try it, as you normally expect a bed to bounce slightly as you get in. Not this one, it just gives and you create your own sleepy hollow.

I liked it so much I bought one, and have made up a poem in its honour.

We are getting a new bed from NASA,
At least that's the plan.
We aren't fans of the ubiquitous divan.
We hope it's more effective
Than a single Temazepam.

Dream on.

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