Wednesday, November 29, 2006

December Calling

Now that December is nearly upon us, there is a job that hangs around demanding your attention and steadfastly refusing to go away. It is nearly time to write the dreaded Round Robin, or summary of your existence on the Blue Planet for another 365 days.

Of course , being a blogger makes this easier every year, since your hopes, dreams and fears are laid out for all to see across the whole spectrum of seasons. For those who are untroubled by the internet though you have to go the trouble of typing in Word, printing out a myriad of copies and generally stuffing them into envelopes along with their Christmas Card.

Why bother though - it's easier to summarise it here and write the link down. After all who doesn't have access somewhere. Expect an explosion of similarly themed posts coming to a blogosphere near everyone real soon.

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