Monday, December 18, 2006

Trees Company

It helps that here in West Berks we have Xmas tree plantations like other places have Tescos, but that has helped me bag a brand new experience: I have just felled my very own Xmas tree. Now this is like food miles but for other living things - well it was living right up to the point where the saw finally cut through the trunk.

Admittedly this wasn't the most strenous piece of lumberjackery, but its the action that counts and we got the freshest tree that we have ever had all from in our own back-yard. And before you ask we didn't just stroll into some unattended field at the dead of night; this was strictly legit and real hard earned cash changed hands between myself and the plantation owner. At least that's who I assumed he was...

Anyway the place was packed with like minded souls, and after only a few minutes searching out the right specimen and rather more minutes cursing as I struggled to get purchase on the slender trunk, in amongst the branches, it was down, paid for and being ferried back to Rod K mansions. After a big drink in the garage overnight: for the tree not me you understand, it was standing in pride of place in the living room, and the younger members of the family were decorating it in time-honoured fashion.

If only we could locally source all of our needs - a project for 2007, perhaps.

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