Saturday, January 13, 2007

Technorati and Wioneers

What's a Wioneer then? I have just coined the term to describe a Web Pioneer: someone who is making waves on the web today and really doing something new. Perhaps you have your own picks for Wioneer of 2006 - it really is a bit early to be choosing them for 2007.

My votes are for Tantek Celik of Technorati, the blog and other tagged item aggregator, whose wioneering work includes inventing microformats, a way of showing the meaning of all that text in your web page, such as dates of events, contact information and tags themselves. This is the beginning of the third wave of web ideas: search engines will be able to distinguish people, places, happenings and products rather than a sea of words that they don't understand.

Tantek gets the vote for Global Wioneer of 2006 and my local choice would be Gill Durrant, current Mayor of Newbury for her solo project to document her entire mayoral year in blog form. Surely this must be a first, and shows the sheer amount of voluntary hard work and dedication put in by the holder of that office. In previous years all we had to go on was the news that made it into the local rag, but now we have every function, every opening, every good community deed. Well done.

Speaking of Technorati though, I'm now a member, so lets see what that brings. Perhaps a few other West Berks Bloggers would like to join me in my overall blog tag. We'll see what happens.

See my Technorati Profile.

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