Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Hare Downgraded

As I twittered recently, I read with dismay that The Hare at Lambourn Woodlands, a one Michelin star restaurant in the Rod K Restaurant Network, had changed hands. It seems that the power behind the astonishingly good value but taste sensation menu, head chef Tristan Mason, has also left. I expect that the establishment will be downgraded at the next Michelin guide update, which is a real shame for food here in West Berks.

The Hare wasn't expensive for the quality that it delivered but it seems that price may have been a factor in its demise, since the new owners are proud of their "new cheaper menu", as reported in the Newbury Weekly News.

There is a ray of sunshine in the unseasonal gloom however, in that the Red House at Marsh Benham is open again after a three year closure, and promising us "modern British cooking". Here's hoping that it can go some way to filling the gap in my network. Report will be posted as soon as I sample their wares.


Nonodibongo said...

Red house reopened after 3 years closure? The Hare proud of their cheap menus? Get your facts right mate or are you an imbecile

Rod K With NASA said...

Both of these facts came from last week's Newbury Weekly News. If you have more information that you would like to share, I would love to see it.

Anonymous said...

Do I understand that your experience and knowledge of the local restaurants are purely and simply based on reading the press?

Rod K With NASA said...

The reviews are based upon eating the food,and sampling the experience in the actual restaurant.

However, the piece to which these comments are attached is really to draw attention to the fact that my review of the Hare was conducted when Tristan Mason was the head chef there, which doesn't appear to be the case anymore. This latter information came from the press.

Reviews can lose their currency pretty quickly so it looks like another visit is in order. If I eat there again, I will publish a more up to date review, and I will be sure to tell readers what, in my view, the cooking is now like.

Anonymous said...

Worth a visit! Best experience for miles!!!

Oralenes said...

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