Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time for a Change?

Is it just me or is it just my body clock that refuses to believe it ought to be doing everything an hour earlier?

I still wake up and feel hungry on Greenwich Mean Time, so I guess I'll have to adjust gradually over the next few days like everyone else. It's a weird thing, this convention that the whole country is suddenly flung into a new time zone. It is like travelling but without the stress, and lo and behold the view out of you front door stays much the same as it did too.

What with the recession raising its angry voice over the winter, perhaps we are moving from meaner times to greener times, as those shoots of the same hue struggle to raise their heads above ground. Perhaps the recovery starts here. The downturn could be a figment of our collective consciousness, much as the summer time is today. If we all think, act and behave as if it is over, it could, just could be all over.

Just as Pestonmania talked us into this economic situation, it ought to talk us out of it again. Sometimes perception is everything.

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