Monday, November 30, 2009

Pass Notes: Sir Jacob Astley

Who is he then? A notable Royalist commander of footsoldiers in medieval times, who fought at both battles of Newbury along with other Civil War battles such as Edgehill. He gained his soldiering experience in the Dutch, Danish and German armies as well as supporting the King is his endeavours against those dour parliamentarians.

Not to be confused with: Rick Astley, a Lancastrian eighties pop phenomenon, thrust into the spotlight by those chart topping producers, Stock Aitken Waterman and made doubly famous by the practice of linking to his most popular video on Youtube, whilst visitors think they are headed somewhere else entirely.

Why is he in the news? Who, Rick? No, Jacob: a rather handsome portrait of him has come up for sale at a London dealers for the princely sum of £16,000. West Berkshire Museum is appealing for donations to help preserve the painting for the good folk of town and their descendants.

How much do they need to raise? I have already told you, £16,000.

Crikey that's a lot. They ought to have a telethon. They could call it Museum in Need or something like that. Come to think of it, that Rick Astley could play a benefit concert, where he plays all his hits.

I don't think he has any associations with Newbury though.

Shame. He does share a name with the great man.

Do say: "For the Crown! For Prince Charles! For the Duke of York!"

Don't say: "Never gonna give you up; never gonna let you down; never gonna turn around and desert you!"

With thanks to the Guardian and the Newbury Weekly News.

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