Sunday, March 17, 2013

Exercise for the Reader

As my wife disappears out the door for yet another early morning jog, I start my exercise regime for the day by picking up the mighty bulk that is my mobile phone and for the next hour strenuously stroke the touchscreen in search of titbits about other people's lives, hopes and fears. Not for me the donning of running shoes and Lycra - no my workout involves straying no further than the bedside table and wearing no special apparel. As I peer at the pixels, my horizons are expanded almost as much as my waistline.

How is there time for running when there is so much material out there to get through? The nearest the elements come to affect me is to view the weather app and bemoan the lack of fine sunny days, or the persistence of unseasonable temperatures. I can experience all the excitement of a thunderstorm via a carefully crafted photo, without the hassle of getting caught in an actual downpour. The outside is definitely over-rated - who could prefer its seemingly randomly fluctuating environment over the safe, warm controlled one of the home?

With device in hand, the world comes to my door, rather than me having to exit through it. The barrier between the twin realms is made of solid PVC and nothing is getting through that unless I want it to. With literally no dogs in the house - there is nobody scratching at it wanting to be let out so it can stay safely closed for the time being.

Oh look the sun's come out - walk anyone?

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