Saturday, October 08, 2005

Adopting a low (power) profile

It sounds like an 007-esque gadget: the Stealthgen In this power-hungry age, it is something far more useful: a wind driven generator. The stealth part comes from its intended low profile urban habitat. It's black to fit in with the drab city-scape, compared with its marine antecedent, which is pure white as the driven snow. In summary, it's the perfect Christmas gift for your friendly neighbourhood eco-warrior, with a technological bias.

Now you can have it all - the toys of the 21st century - plasma screens, Sky+, Media Centres, a PC in every room, iPods, DVD recorders and you can still save the planet. Think of it as conspicuous consumption, but without the guilt. I have struggled with these conflicting demands, but it now seems that there may be a way out.

OK, so the wind doth not blow continuously, but the Stealthgen should reduce those icecap-shrinking CO2 emissions that its buyers currently produce. Twin it with some Solar PV panels on the roof and you should be able to light up your house like a Xmas tree without troubling the National Grid at all - not that I am advocating all of that light pollution - now that's another story.

Low energy bulbs, turning down thermostats, switching things off when not in use - now there's a novelty - it all helps, but we can always go further.

I won't rest until I can be self sufficient - in electricity at least.

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