Thursday, October 13, 2005

Web 2.0 - Requoting Tony Blair

Forgive me if I requote Tony Blair:

"But if we follow the principles that have served us so well at home - that information generation and sharing - must be in the hands of the many, not the few - if we make that our guiding light for the global economy, then it will be a force for good and an international movement that we should take pride in leading."

This seems to me to be the essence of Web 2.0 - the buzzword which is sweeping the world. It says that by working together - sharing information, links, comments, linkbacks, and by making software open-source and generally available - everyone will benefit.

Imagine a world where the productivity of software developers grows exponentially as they put new systems together out of parts sourced from their peers. Imagine a world where you can publish information about new products and get feedback and ratings from your global customer base. Imagine a world where democracy means that the whole country could vote on an issue rather than someone representing you and thousands unlike you.

It's a powerful concept and companies/organisations/governments that ignore it deserve to be left behind. Only the information-enabled will be truly agile and only the truly agile will survive in our turbo-Darwinian world.

Web 2.0 - it's like the web but democratic.

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Admin said...

Ooh. Not so sure about web 2.0

The Internet seems to be the exception to the rule which says version 1 of anything should be avoided since it will suck.

I would be happy with web 1 running over IPv6