Friday, March 17, 2006

Allo Tosh Gotta Broken Toshiba?

Media Centre Laptops aren't cheap, and so you do expect them to be built to last. I think Toshiba have forgotten what they were intended for - watching TV, gaming, playing music and all those boring things that we used to do with PCs like writing documents. All in all they are in for some serious stick and lengthy use.

So when your system board blows up outside the 12 months warranty period you get a hefty bill for replacement. The real stinger is though that when you purchase a spare part, rather than a fully assembled laptop, the former is only guaranteed for a measly three months.

There doesn't appear to be much logic behind this. After all, what is the difference between a fairly complex board and the laptop itself?
  • They are both assembled from lower level components;
  • They are both new and not pre-owned;
  • They are both from a respected brand name producer;

So shouldn't they both be covered by the Sale of Goods Act, or similar legislation, which gives the consumer a right to a period of protection?

The reason I am worried about this is that the fault which I have with my laptop appears to be relatively common, and I think there is every chance that the board will blow again, causing my display to meltdown, not literally. I am buying the PC over three years, and I am supposed to keep it in good working order during that period. So if the board lasts longer than three months but shorter than a year or so, I could be shelling out hundreds of pounds over the time that it has left.

Would I buy another? Ask me again in a couple of years - the jury's out.

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