Friday, October 27, 2006

Strange Nature

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There are some times when it pays to have your camera with you and this was one of them. Last Sunday, we were visiting friends, who had moved to a new house in the New Forest National Park. The weather had been atrocious for most of the day, but we managed to get out and about for a walk in the afternoon.

This was the depths of the English countryside and was most unspoilt and untouched by the onward march of civilisation. The flora and fauna of Hampshire were out in force as we saw roe deer, rabbits, Lesser Spotted and Green Woodpeckers, and this mycological treat. It was nearly a foot across and at a distance looked just like a beautiful, pristine white rock hidden amongst the grass. When we got nearer though we realised that this was alive, and is most probably an example of a Calvatia gigantea (Langermannia gigantea).

Isn't nature wonderful.

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